Home Assurance HOME INSPECTIONS gives you peace of mind when purchasing your next home, obtaining your insurance inspection or meeting any of your other HOME INSPECTION needs. An Ohio native who has called Sarasota, FL home for four decades, RUSS YODER transitioned seamlessly from a reputable Building Contractor with a large construction background to a HOME INSPECTOR in the early 1990’s. RUSS is a licensed Florida HOME INSPECTOR who has completed well over 5,000 INSPECTIONS. He and his associate, BOB KLINGER, offer the experience needed to provide a competent assessment in any type of INSPECTION.

Services include:

Choosing a HOME INSPECTOR is not a decision to take lightly or let someone else make for you. In Florida, effective June 2011, there is state licensing that is required for all Florida HOME INSPECTORS. Be sure to use only an inspector who has passed the state requirements for licensure.  

You will want to be sure and check the INSPECTOR’S experience, qualifications and recommendations to guarantee that you get an expert evaluation. You will be the one to benefit from the knowledge gained about the real property condition; that is why HOME ASSURANCE provides an emailed report within 24-hours of the inspection date. It is presented in a comprehensive manor that describes the condition of the residence detailing any evidence of apparent defects or deficiencies.

Our fees are reasonable and fair, based on the scope of service that is provided and the size and age of the home. Please contact us at 941-923-9855 or send an email to inspections@home-assurance.com for an estimate.  

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